Rules of the Horse-Fair

In order to fully experience the thrill of this party’s very sensational uniqueness, the rules and laws of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market (Fickstutenmarkt), listed as follow, are to be non-exceptionally abided by.

As to guarantee the quality of stallions and provided mares, in interest of all, we reserve the right to refuse entry to completely unsuitable people or those heavily under the influence of alcohol or drugs (see entrance criteria in the FAQs).

Again, we highly emphasize and remind all (potential) participants:  upon setting foot on the premises of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market, you have not only read and studied all these rules and laws, but as well, you acknowledge, you fully agree to observe and to strictly abide by all of these set rules and laws of the market, each and every single one respectively.

Any breach (i.e. specifically, any intentional or unintentional violation of) in any of these rules/laws (can) lead(s) to an immediate disqualification and expulsion from the party, possibly from further parties as well. You will be asked to leave.

1. The mares arrive at the marketplace approximately 60-90 minutes before the stallions arrive. (Details of separate entrance times are announced announced for each party).

Very important law: Once coming to the separate entrance door times for mares/stallions, it is completely impossible and forbidden during the course of the evening to change roles from mare to stallion or vice versa. Give it thorough thought beforehand which role you would like to take part in as.

Mare-on-mare sex AND stallion-on-stallion sex is not allowed!

A breach in this/these law(s) (i.e. intentionally or unintentionally violating this law) leads to an immediate disqualification and expulsion from the party, possibly from further parties as well. If you are caught not obeying this rule/law or any of these rules/laws, you will be asked to leave immediately

2. The mares have to undress completely and hand in their entire clothing at the cloakroom (fee for cloakroom currently included in entrance fee).
Only (practical) shoes are compulsory. Only socks, cock-rings and/or harness may be kept on.
Barefoot, flip flops, chaps, jockstraps, or any kind of ladylike-wear are not allowed either.

3. Once the mares are naked and on spot, cotton sacks (used as blindfolds) are pulled over their heads to ensure that the stallions go unrecognized the entire evening.

4. Then, all mares have their hands bound (wrists firmly tied by rope). They are distributed throughout the stable stalls of the marketplace, where they are bound, either standing, lying, kneeling or positioned on all fours.

5. During the entire course of the evening, the stable staff of stall helpers attends to the needs of the mares (bringing drinks, providing condoms and lube, toilet break, etc….)

6. The stallions are only allowed entrance into the marketplace once all mares are prepared and in starting position.

7. The stallions move around the marketplace freely. They can have something to drink at the bar, inspect the quality of the mares (e.g. feeling their bodies, touching their cocks and asses, etc.), discuss the quality of the offered horseflesh at the Fuck-Market amongst themselves, or can take a pick of their own and mount.

8. Once a stallion has decided upon a mare, he unties the mare, or asks a stall helper to do so. He leads the mare away to be mounted, to a covering place of his choice (stall, sling, mattress, etc.)

Very important law
: A mare cannot refuse a stallion, must always surrender to him and let himself be mounted. (look up the 2 exceptions to this rule in FAQs)

9. The stallion mounts and uses the mares as he pleases. (see note safer sex in the FAQs !)

Very important law: Under no circumstances, nor at any time is the mare’s blindfold to be removed! It is forbidden for the mares to see or to even risk a peek. No exceptions made! A breach in this law (i.e. intentionally or unintentionally violating this law) leads to an immediate disqualification and expulsion from the party, possibly from further parties as well. You will be asked to leave.

10. After use, the stallion returns and re-ties the broken-in mare, or asks a stall helper to do so. The mare is then free for covering by other stallions.

11. Should a mare(s) require anything (e.g. drinks) or need(s) to have a break, he (they) call(s) for a stall helper, whom he (they) can directly address his (their) needs to. The stall helper is employed to minister to their needs, care, overall welfare and safety.

12. Once a mare has been covered and the stallions no longerhave any use for them, the stallions leave the stable stalls of the marketplace.
Only once the last stallion has gone, are the mares’ blindfolds to be removed, so they can get dressed and leave. If a mare wishes to leave the party earlier, a stall helper takes this mare, still blindfolded to the dressing-room for mares to get dressed. The mare then leaves the marketplace blindfolded, again, without coming into any visual contact with any of the stallions and/or the eventful happenings of the market.

13. Any intentional or unintentional violation of any of these rules/laws of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market (as well as making phone calls, taking photograph pictures, making sound or video recordings, removing the mares’ blindfolds) will not only be reprimanded, but definitely leads to an immediate disqualification and expulsion from the party, possibly from further parties.

We appeal to your sense of fair play, to all participants for your understanding, for your abiding by all these set rules/laws of the Horse Fair, most important of all, we appeal to all participants for your mutual respect and fairness towards one another. Please be considerate.

Again:   Upon entering the premises of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market, you consentaneously agree, i.e. you give your non-exceptional full consent to all of these set rules/laws.

If you cannot agree to any of these rules and laws of the market, then this is not a party for you. Please do not come and waste your time and money. Do understand, we do not want to become another boring, naked (sex) party where nothing happens apart in the darkest corner of the darkest darkroom. You know of the sort of parties we mean.

Last but by no means least: We specifically emphasize that in the case of infringement of the safer sex rules (or should any grievous bodily harm of any sort be done), we will press criminal charges and insist upon the further pursuit of the matter in a court of law. In clear and plain English: when it comes down to safety, we mean serious business.

14.We accept no liability for physical, mental, emotional or other damages to health. We also accept no liability for material or financial losses of any sort, none at all.