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Answers to frequently asked questions concerning the Horse Fair Fuck-Market for Mares (Fickstutenmarkt) can be found here.

If you are participating in our Horse Fair Fuck-Market for the very first time, you are kindly requested to read carefully through this informative column and to study the answers to these questions intensively.

Should you still have any other further unanswered questions, require further advice or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, or use the contact form.

Do I need to make a reservation in advance?2023-03-09T13:14:51+01:00


A reservation is not necessary and not possible.

First of all, you need to decide, if you want to participate in the Horse Fair Fuck-Market as a stallion or as a mare.
Then come to the correct door entrance times for mares or for stallions.

We would like to point out that the door entrance times for mares and those for stallions differ to one another!
No entrance to the marketplace occurs outside of these door entrance times. No exceptions are made!!

Door entrance times for mares: 17:30 – 18:30
Door entrance times for stallions: 19:00 – 20:00

You can find a more thorough description of each of our marketplaces here on our homepage

Is the Horse Fair Fuck-Market a private party?2023-03-09T13:16:19+01:00


The Horse Fair Fuck-Market is a private sex party ONLY for gay and bisexual men, who want to enjoy an evening of uninhibited, casual sex with one another, and live out their erotic fantasies in a safer-sex surroundings to the possible ultimate.

The party locations (the night clubs) are rented by us. We only rent nightclubs which are suitable and equipped to fully meet the purposes and requirements of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market.

The owners of these party locations only rent their premises and make some of their staff available throughout the duration of the entire evening.

They are not the organizers of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market.

For all questions concerning the Horse Fair Fuck-Market, please contact us via e-mail by using the contact form and not the owners of these nightclubs.

Where and how often does the Horse Fair Fuck-Market take place?2023-03-09T13:15:24+01:00

As already mentioned, in order to realize a marketplace, we pay very special attention to renting only those nightclubs in each of our selected cities which are well-equipped, capable and suitable to fully meet and fulfil the demanding needs, purposes and requirements of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market.

The Horse Fair Fuck-Market mostly takes place most on Saturday late afternoon/evenings.

The dates and address for each marketplace can be found here on our homepage, as well as on flyers and in the regional gay press/media.

Is the Horse Fair Fuck-Market a safer-sex party?2023-02-13T15:42:35+01:00

The Horse Fair Fuck-Market is primarily a safer-sex party.

We would like all participating party guests to practise safer-sex, and we do encourage safer-sex by providing free condoms, lube, plastic gloves, disinfectant and antiseptic solutions. The use of oil-based lubricants, such as Crisco, is forbidden (reason: can cause damage to latex condoms).

Our staff of stall helpers continuously and actively ensure that condoms are used. They immediately intervene, if anyone tries to force anyone else to unsafe activity against their will. Any such perpetrator is immediately barred and firmly dealt with.

We will press criminal charges and assertively insist that further legal steps and action be pursued in a court of law.

Furthermore, stallions must always ensure that condoms are correctly used.
It also lies within their responsibility to ensure that a new, fresh condom is used for each and every new act of covering. The mares can and should always insist on the usage of a fresh condom. As their hands are unbound, thus, free before the act of covering, they have the opportunity to check that a condom is used, -if need be, put the condom on themselves.

Mares should NEVER place the entire responsibility in the hands of others, please always make sure YOURSELF that new, fresh condoms are used!

We know that there are quite a lot of fans of bareback-sex. We do not want to discriminate against them nor preach morality. If stallions and mares want to engage in unprotected sex, they may do so, only if they give their mutual consent and expressed agreement to it. Practitioners of unprotected sex declare that they take part in such activity at their own personal responsibility and are well informed about the risks (of possible infections) which are involved.

At the very start of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market, guests who want to have bareback sex receive a special, visible identification upon immediate sight that automatically makes clear that they hereby expressively agree to unprotected sex and to our conditions regarding such activity. This visible identification also serves as an aid to our stable staff of stall helpers in their task of ensuring the strict and close adherence to the rules and laws of our market.

What are the entrance criteria? Is there a dress code?2023-02-13T15:58:49+01:00

The two, most important, minimum requirements to participate in the Horse Fair Fuck-Market are:

  1. Only for consenting gay or bisexual males
  2. Minimum age of at least 18

In case of doubt, we reserve the right to ask for identification as proof of age.

Apart from the minimum age of 18, there are no other further restrictions, however, we do reserve the right to reject certain people away at the entrance door.

These include people who:

  • are highly under the influence of alcohol,
  • are clearly under the influence of drugs,
  • do not maintain a standard minimum of personal hygiene,
  • are extremely overweight or the classic “pushy darkroom grabber type”.

To make the things quite clear, we have nothing against a small belly or mature men  -who are very welcome-, but we insist upon ensuring a certain standard, a certain quality, i.e. body build/physique-, overall appearance, age and hygiene acceptable to all participants involved. We are certain that you understand what we mean ;-)

If you are not sure, if you meet our set standards for entrance to and participation in the market, please send an up-to-date, sharp, clear photograph picture of yourself to the stablemaster via e-mail, who will then send his assessment back to you. Your photograph picture will be destroyed immediately afterwards.

We handle all enquiries confidentially.

Dress code:

There is no real dress code. The mares have to be naked and are only allowed to keep their shoes (compulsory) on. Socks, cock rings and harnesses are optional.
We suggest practical shoes, sports shoes/sneakers for the evening.

Stallions should not turn up in hand-knitted pullovers and fashionable Italian slippers.

Stallions should be wearing an erotic outfit which is visually appealing to other stallions. At the door entrance, we point out to stallions who are inappropriately
dressed for the occasion that some form of erotic outfit is needed to participate.

Of course, if need be, stallions can always undress and participate in the Horse Fair Fuck-Market naked as well.

Why do all participating mares have to be blindfolded?2023-02-13T16:07:07+01:00

That is the very special highlight, the stimulating thrill of the evening AND the very basic rule/law of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market. The mares cannot see which and how many stallions are participating in the evening, inspecting and/or covering them.

Fulfilling the basic instincts, experiencing and living out erotic fantasies in a safer-sex-surroundings to the ultimate either as a mare or as a stallion is the very theme of our Horse Fair Fuck-Market.

We want to be much more different than the other more “conventional, everyday” sex parties, the reason for which we vehemently insist that this very rule/law, as well as the others, are fully obeyed by all party guests.

A violation to this very basic rule automatically leads to immediate disqualification and expels you from further participation in the Horse Fair Fuck-Market. You will be asked to leave.

What do all participating mares have to do?
Precisely, what do all participating mares have to let be done to them?

As in the name of the event Fickstutenmarkt” (translated: mare fuck-market), all participating mares must guarantee the set standard and the quality of the market (see also rule no. 8). and allow themselves to be inspected and fucked by the stallions (of course respecting and complying esp. with the rules concerning safer-sex).

There are, however, two exceptions to this rule. A mare can refuse a stallion, only if the stallion is well-hung, or if the stallion has genital

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that we expect mutual respect and fairness amongst all party guests.
Moreover, we would like all participants to enjoy a highly sensational evening; that all participants feed and satiate their sexual appetite to the very most making their sensual desires and dreams finally come true.

Anything else, apart from covering, only occurs with the mare’s agreement and the mares can, of course, refuse to do other things (such as oral, ff, golden showers, etc.).

Actually, anything is possible, as long as it is not illegal and all participants give their expressive, mutual consent to it.

Last but not least, the Horse Fair Fuck-Market is not an S/M-Party, nor a slave market. Nobody should be forced to do anything against his own will, except allow himself to be covered –which is the primary law/rule of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market.

How about sex only between stallions? Sex only between mares?2023-02-14T13:41:03+01:00

Of course, you can turn each other on, light foreplay is always allowed.

However, bear in mind that real, penetrant sex, sensual horseplay only happens between stallions and mares, as in nature, as in real life.

Mares offer themselves and the active role is taken over by the stallions.
Anybody who sees things differently is not at the right party and will be told so.

We remind all participants again: a violation to this very basic law of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market immediately leads you to disqualification and expels you from further participation in the evening.

You will be asked to leave.

How free are the mare’s nose and mouth?2023-02-14T13:45:40+01:00

Nobody needs to have any worries here.

The blindfold does not restrict either nose or mouth. Breathing and –for example- drinking, inhaling poppers are not hindered in any way.

If you wish, the blindfold can be fixed in such a manner that the mouth and the nose are not accessible for use, as a visible identification that the mare does not want to partake in felatio (active oral sex).

I am a transvestite and want to participate in the party wearing a special outfit. Is that possible?2023-02-14T13:53:02+01:00

No matter how cool you may look in a bra, garter belt or nylons, this type of outfit is not permitted, nor practical/suitable at the Horse Fair, as the mares uniformly present themselves naked to the stallions. Only cock ring, harness, socks and shoes are allowed.

Please acknowledge that pumps and high-heeled shoes are also taboo. Not because we do not think they are sexy, but clearly because the danger of accidents along with the use of blindfolds is simply too great.

We suggest practical footwear, such as sports shoes/sneakers. Barefoot and flipflops are not allowed either.

How much does it cost?2023-03-09T13:11:44+01:00

It is not our intention to get rich with these parties.
However, we do want to cover our costs. There is a low entrance price that does not include drinks.

We want to throw a relaxed party where you do not have to look for your change the duration of the whole evening, so your drinks go on a bill that you pay once you leave the marketplace.

Exact information concerning the entrance price is given for each party.

I am a “bareback” mare and I do not want ANY of the stallions to use a condom with me. Is this all right?2023-02-14T14:03:31+01:00

Clearly NO!

The mares may offer some unprotected sex, but they cannot be “bareback only”!
In other words, “bareback mares” have to take any stallion, with or without a condom.

Violation of this rule leads to a ban from the Horse Fair !!!

As a participating mare, can I wear a chastity belt (CB) or any of sort of penis cage?2023-03-09T13:11:03+01:00

The answer to this question is a clear and plain NO!!!!!!

Stallions must have free access at all times, in order to inspect and savour the quality of, make full and excellent use of the mares’ horseflesh.

This is the reason for which, a chastity belt or any other kind of penis cages are not allowed.

(See/refer to the rules, rule no. 7)

Can I sniff (inhale) poppers during the Horse Fair Fuck-Market?2023-02-14T14:11:00+01:00

The usage of poppers in Germany is not illegal. We have no problems, if our party guests wish to inhale poppers.

However, we do have a big problem when our guests use poppers, if and only if its usage influences your behaviour and self-control, in such a manner that it endangers your health and overall safety. Alcohol and poppers can cloud your judgment, thus impairing your ability to play safe.

Please be considerate to the others near you, around you, always make sure that when you use poppers to be careful not to spill any of it. There are other party guests and stall helpers as well, who do not like the smell of it and do not necessarily want to be near it or be exposed to the smell of it.

One small note: we remind all guests that using poppers simultaneously with the anti-impotence drug Viagra can be a serious danger to your health, a deadly combination.
For further information concerning the potential risk by usage of both substances involved, you are asked to look up the written articles in Wikipedia.

I would like to wear my chaps or jockstraps. Is that possible?2023-03-09T13:10:04+01:00

FOR MARES: A clear and plain NO!!!!  Mares are not allowed to wear chaps, nor jock-straps.  Stallions, on the other hand, can wear chaps or jockstraps.

All mares have the same dress code, naked and hereby all have the same initial, starting position.

The background thought behind having the same initial, starting position with all other mares (i.e. by presenting one’s self fully naked), the mares should entirely focus their undivided attention to fulfilling the very basic instincts of life.

The Horse Fair Fuck-Market is not a fashion show. The mares should convince the stallions not by wearing fashionable designer clothing, however, by willingly and enthusiastically employing all their natural talents and skills on providing great sensual pleasure.

(See/refer to the rules, rule no. 2)

As a participating mare/stallion, do I have to stay until the end of the event?2023-02-14T14:18:41+01:00

No, each guest, it does not matter if he comes as a stallion or a mare, can leave the marketplace anytime he desires to.

Mares, however,  have to ask for the assistance of the attending stall helpers to safely bring /accompany them to the mares’ lounge where the blindfolds can be taken off.

In the mares’ lounge, the mare can recuperate and have his break or get dressed and leave the marketplace anytime he wishes.

Anything else?2023-03-09T13:09:23+01:00

Nothing much, really.
We just want everyone taking part to have great sensual fun and enjoy a lively, an unforgettable, a highly rewarding evening.

In order to be automatically informed of new marketplaces, the next market dates/places or actual news and information, conveniently subscribe to our
newsletter (in German and english language only).

Last but not least, we accept no liability for physical, mental, emotional or other damages to health. Nor do we accept any liability for neither material, nor financial losses.

Any suggestions, questions, please use our contact-form

Any further questions, comments or suggestions?2023-03-09T13:08:34+01:00

Should you still have any other further unanswered questions, require further advice or assistance,
do not hesitate to contact the Stablemaster via e-mail or use the contact form.

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