The two, most important, minimum requirements to participate in the Horse Fair Fuck-Market are:

  1. Only for consenting gay or bisexual males
  2. Minimum age of at least 18

In case of doubt, we reserve the right to ask for identification as proof of age.

Apart from the minimum age of 18, there are no other further restrictions, however, we do reserve the right to reject certain people away at the entrance door.

These include people who:

  • are highly under the influence of alcohol,
  • are clearly under the influence of drugs,
  • do not maintain a standard minimum of personal hygiene,
  • are extremely overweight or the classic “pushy darkroom grabber type”.

To make the things quite clear, we have nothing against a small belly or mature men  -who are very welcome-, but we insist upon ensuring a certain standard, a certain quality, i.e. body build/physique-, overall appearance, age and hygiene acceptable to all participants involved. We are certain that you understand what we mean ;-)

If you are not sure, if you meet our set standards for entrance to and participation in the market, please send an up-to-date, sharp, clear photograph picture of yourself to the stablemaster via e-mail, who will then send his assessment back to you. Your photograph picture will be destroyed immediately afterwards.

We handle all enquiries confidentially.

Dress code:

There is no real dress code. The mares have to be naked and are only allowed to keep their shoes (compulsory) on. Socks, cock rings and harnesses are optional.
We suggest practical shoes, sports shoes/sneakers for the evening.

Stallions should not turn up in hand-knitted pullovers and fashionable Italian slippers.

Stallions should be wearing an erotic outfit which is visually appealing to other stallions. At the door entrance, we point out to stallions who are inappropriately
dressed for the occasion that some form of erotic outfit is needed to participate.

Of course, if need be, stallions can always undress and participate in the Horse Fair Fuck-Market naked as well.