That is the very special highlight, the stimulating thrill of the evening AND the very basic rule/law of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market. The mares cannot see which and how many stallions are participating in the evening, inspecting and/or covering them.

Fulfilling the basic instincts, experiencing and living out erotic fantasies in a safer-sex-surroundings to the ultimate either as a mare or as a stallion is the very theme of our Horse Fair Fuck-Market.

We want to be much more different than the other more “conventional, everyday” sex parties, the reason for which we vehemently insist that this very rule/law, as well as the others, are fully obeyed by all party guests.

A violation to this very basic rule automatically leads to immediate disqualification and expels you from further participation in the Horse Fair Fuck-Market. You will be asked to leave.