As in the name of the event Fickstutenmarkt” (translated: mare fuck-market), all participating mares must guarantee the set standard and the quality of the market (see also rule no. 8). and allow themselves to be inspected and fucked by the stallions (of course respecting and complying esp. with the rules concerning safer-sex).

There are, however, two exceptions to this rule. A mare can refuse a stallion, only if the stallion is well-hung, or if the stallion has genital

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that we expect mutual respect and fairness amongst all party guests.
Moreover, we would like all participants to enjoy a highly sensational evening; that all participants feed and satiate their sexual appetite to the very most making their sensual desires and dreams finally come true.

Anything else, apart from covering, only occurs with the mare’s agreement and the mares can, of course, refuse to do other things (such as oral, ff, golden showers, etc.).

Actually, anything is possible, as long as it is not illegal and all participants give their expressive, mutual consent to it.

Last but not least, the Horse Fair Fuck-Market is not an S/M-Party, nor a slave market. Nobody should be forced to do anything against his own will, except allow himself to be covered –which is the primary law/rule of the Horse Fair Fuck-Market.